church rental

Many of our larger spaces in our building are available for rental. Our fees are different for church members, non-profit/local organizations, and for-profit groups. We have a diverse listing of groups that utilize our space including local Boys and Girl Scout Troops, professional and union meetings, and personal rentals for birthday parties.

Our Parish Hall is a multi-use space, which includes a stage and a full-service kitchen off it (kitchen rental is an extra charge). We have large tables and chairs that can be set up for a variety of activities, and a fire-code limit of 230 persons in this space. This room also has a fully functional sound system, including a large electric-powered screen than can drop down in front of the stage for media presentations. The Parish Hall measures 47 ½ X 46 ½.

Our Full-Service Kitchen can be attached for usage at a variety of events. We have an industrial dishwasher, a double industrial oven and a ten-burner gas stove. The Kitchen measures 15 X 16.

For smaller, more intimate gatherings, our Church Library is a wonderful space to use! It can be set up for meetings and gatherings. The library measures 28 ½ X 25

If you are interested in renting any of these spaces, please contact us (information below) to check availability and schedule payment. All rentals are required to show full proof of insurance.